Pak Thong Chai Flood - Update 1 November 2010

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Parts of Pak Thong Chai were under as much as two metres of water for several days. The water level began to fall a few days ago and it's a relief to see that, apart from a few very wet rice fields, it's now all gone. However, the task of repair and replacement is under way with a vengeance. The present activity will serve as an indicator to people in areas downstream that are still flooded or are only just being flooded as to what they might expect later. This widespread disaster is far from finished.

A few days ago, dozens of university students in Korat closed their books and travelled to Pak Thong Chai to help clean up the badly damaged market area. Pak Thong Chai has two markets, one opening early in the morning and the other late in the afternoon. Images that I posted the other day show the start of the massive clean up job and it was particularly thoughtful of the students to help get it finished. The market is in full swing in its proper location.

Tesco Lotus had just enough flood water to damage all of the chillers and freezers and ruin the shelf stock. It was expected that the store would be out of action for another two weeks after the water retreated from it. However, today, as work continues, the store is again open. New chillers have been delivered and were being stocked while I was there. Shelving and checkout equipment has been replaced and stock has been quickly delivered and put on display. There is much still missing but it would be churlish to criticise that in the circumstances. I'm no fan of this particular store but I must congratulate the company for getting organised so quickly. They had even anticipated the rush of customers when they reopened the store and had plenty of additional staff and all of the checkouts were in operation.

Seven 11 had to wait longer for the water to go. The store has temporary shuttering and refitting is in hand.

All businesses now seem to be open for business as they finish cleaning up. As you might expect, builders merchants and furniture shops are freshly stocked and bursting at the seams.

The roads around Pak Thong Chai took a beating. There is sand, gravel and potholes everywhere. It's especially hazardous for motor cyclists. I saw no sign of any repairs or preparation anywhere today.

Homes in the villages are still being returned to normal as people dry their belongings and even put utility bill receipts out to dry. Trucks are touring around selling furniture.

The spirit with which people have handled this has been amazing to me. Those able to help others are doing so and those in need of help are getting it. Businesses not directly affected by flood water are helping out too. The local Honda motorcycle dealership also sells a few domestic appliances. They are offering to wash people's clothes for them free of charge in washing machines that they have for sale!

I hope that those still suffering and about to suffer from the flood water have the same experiences as things return to normal.


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