Pak Thong Chai Flood - Update 24 October 2010

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Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima, was looking markedly better yesterday afternoon. The bypass and the main street were dry but the latter was full of potholes. Sois into the market are were all passable in a high vehicle, despite remaining water but the road surfaces were badly damaged. Much was reduced to gravel and big slabs of surface material were lying around in places. Residents and business people were back to begin the cleaning and drying operation. It was obviously no party but most were ready with a smile when they were acknowledged. I notice a few older people looking tired and bewildered but not beaten. Private individuals were still bringing cooked food to those who wanted it and there were plenty of street vendors around. You can't help but admire the spirit.

The images below will give those in Korat, Phimai and elsewhere an idea of what their communities face as the water recedes.

This is how Tesco looks. Note the water mark; lower than in the market area but enough to put the store out of action for another two week, we were told.

Tesco Lotus Pak Thong Chai 23 October 2010

These are some of the ATM's outside Tesco. A new version of money laundering!

ATM's at Tesco, Pak Thong Chai - Flood October 2010

And the 7 Eleven store lost everything including its windows in the torrent that poured through the market area.

Pak Thong Chai 7 Eleven After The Flood - October 2010
A shop in the market being cleaned and dried.

Pak Thong Market Shop - Clearing Up After The Flood

Market street traders hard at it getting their businesses back in shape.

Pak Thong Chai Market Traders Clear Up After The Flood - October 2010
The staff at the land office in Pak Thong Chai arrive to inspect the damage in their office. All of the computer equipment is lost. Why? Because the first wave of high water hit the town at 3.00am and even government officials were not warned!

Pak Thong Chai, Korat, Land Office Staff Visits Their Ruined Office
The more I see and find out, the more of a disgraceful example of bureaucratic cock up this disaster appears to be. What is happening at the dam? About that next.

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