Carabao Concert in Korat - October 2008

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Carabao, Thailand's favourite band played to Korat fans at the Tawan Daeng Club in Pailin Square last evening. The two supporting bands warmed up the 3,000 strong crowd for a couple of hours before the main attraction appeared to a great welcome. For farang who are not especially fond of more traditional Thai music, Carabao is like a taste of home. Rock rhythms and solos support lyrics about real Thai life and issues and, even if you don't speak the language, the strength of their words reaches right to you.

The venue layout was informal, almost like a club on a larger scale. Table service was spot on until the staff had no chance of getting through the crowds of dancing and cheering fans. The atmosphere was warm and friendly to the few farang who were there with people offering us drinks and practising their English.

I hadn't been sure what to expect from my first Carabao concert but time flew by and, like everyone else there, I enjoyed it immensely. See then for yourself when you have an opportunity.

Thanks Add, Cat and Uwe for your company!


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