St Marys Hospital, Korat

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St Marys Hospital, Korat is one of several private hospitals in town. I've experienced it in the past as a concerned husband but, today, I ventured there with a problem of my own and no interpretor.

For a few weeks now, my left foot and lower leg has tended to swell a little. It began after a flight into Bangkok. This is how the hospital visit went.

1. Register as a patient showing passport. 5 minutes.

2. Wait 10 minutes. See doctor for 5 minutes.

3. Escorted to ultra-sound and wait 20 minutes.

4. Ultrasound 10 minutes.

5. Wait 10 minutes. See doctor for diagnosis, go home.

Fortunately, there was no sign of a thrombosis and so I just have to remember to be more active.

I had no appointment at St Marys - just turned up at the main entrance. As previously, the place was spotlessly clean, the staff were keen to help and the doctor was swift and, hopefully, accurate.

The bill? THB1,600 for the ultrasound. Nothing else!

Not surprisingly, I recommend this place to other farang.

A tip for newcomers to Thailand. Thais will wait for ever for attention, just sitting staring into space or at farang. Some will point you out to their young children. However, there is no need to sit there like a dummy. Occasionally ask for information at the desk or ask for an estimate of when you will next get attention - and smile. Seems to get things done quicker at St Marys.


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